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Al-Kaficars is among the car rental agencies leaders in Marrakech. Low cost, various vehicles and good service are qualities that make car rental an enjoyable experience with our agency. The Agency has new and modern cars for all needs and situations. Online booking service makes it easy to choose and book a car in few seconds, along with being available all the time, in office, online on telephone in order to be at your service

With Al-Kaficars agency of car rental in Marrakech, you will certainly benefit from numerous advantages; Our prices are the best in the spot, taking into consideration different holiday budgets,. We really care about you; you will find here the car you want with a very interesting price! The car rental agency offers a wide range of cars of different brands and new models with so many options so as to meet the clients’ expectations and give them high quality service.

Enjoy you holidays in the fantastic tourist city of Marrakech and rent a car to discover the glamour of the historical city with a very interesting price. The Agency main concern is to help feel comfortable and meet your needs and expectations. Well-know and reputable, Al-Kaficars is committed to serve its clients and provide them with very satisfactory and appropriate selection of options.  This makes of the Agency a leader in the palm city of Marrakech.

Renting a car is as easy as pie! Do not about booking; we are available all the time. You can call and book your car at weekends and vacations, from early morning to late night. What is more, you can rent a car in Marrakech choosing the period and duration that suit you; it all depends on your choice, time and budget.

Mileage is the last thing to worry about, as the car rental agency offers unlimited mileage. So you will feel free to travel anywhere and go to your favorite destination with this exclusive option that Al-Kaficars car rental agency in Marrakech has the pleasure to make it in your service and in your favor to guarantee you a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Marrakech and Morocco in general.

Find the car you need!

Last but not least, the Al-Kaficars rental car agency in Marrakech provides its clients vehicles with high quality and sophisticated options, such as GPS, baby seats, baggage rack, air conditioning and more..!  There are various type and models of cars, subcompact, compact, intermediate and premium. The objective is to meet the clients’ needs and abilities.

Enjoy your stay in Marrakech and take benefit from the Al-Kaficars for car rental very interesting deals! Our prices are the best in Marrakech, along with high quality service and available vehicles for all needs. You can make choice from a wide range of cars with lowest rates ever!

Whatever and whenever your stay in the city of Marrakech, choose the best; choose Al-Kaficars rental car agency and find the best rates, the most comfortable cars and the best service. It’s a promise!

Al-Kaficars car rental options

Our vehicles are all well equipped with baby seats. Since it is forbidden to put children under the age of 10 in the front seats of vehicles for reasons of security, the Agency offers this equipment so that parents and children can feel more comfortable and satisfied.

GPS has become a must in nowadays cars, as it provides car vehicle user and car drivers in particular moving securely and practically, saving time and effort to reach an area unknown before . For this Al-Kaficarsclients will benefit from a multilingual GPS tablet with touchscreen, turn by turn, included database with interesting areas like hotels, restaurants, ATMs, service station, etc..

The best rates with Al-Kaficars rental:

Choosing cheap car rental Al-Kaficars to rent a car is to benefit from very competitive prices. Our rates are tax inclusive with no hidden extra. Clients can modify or cancel their booking for free. The rates do not change whatever the mileage; you can go on a trip around Morocco with no worry about how further you have moved. You need to high consider your safety and rest.